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Love Means Getting Vaccinated Real California Mothers Urging Families to Get COVID-19 Vaccines

SACRAMENTO – With six million administered doses of the COVID-19 vaccine administered statewide, the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) today released a new public service announcement (PSA) campaign. The PSAs features real California mothers making an emotional connection to highlight the importance of getting the vaccine.

The mothers talk about what COVID-19 has taken from them – from being able to see their children and grandchildren in person to hugging their loved ones. The video ends on a hopeful note, with the mothers putting on masks with handwritten words explaining why they are urging their loved ones to get vaccinated. The closing message in the ad is a powerful reminder that “love means getting vaccinated.”

“As a mother, I know that COVID-19 is impacting families in every part of our state and disproportionately affecting communities of color,” said California Surgeon General, Dr. Nadine Burke Harris. “We wanted to make a heartfelt connection from some of the most trusted voices available: our moms. While we still have a long road ahead of us and need to keep our guard up, it’s heartening to see millions of Californians getting the vaccine as we are finally starting to see some light at the end of the tunnel.”

The campaign is running statewide, reaching California media markets through the middle of March, and seeks to reach diverse communities with videos in English and Spanish, as well as digital ads in English, Spanish, and Mandarin.

“I know that myself and millions of Californians are missing our loved ones,” said California State Epidemiologist DrErica Pan. “Now that we have safe, highly effective vaccines, we need every single Californian to do their part by continuing to wear their masks, staying socially safe, and taking the vaccine when it’s their turn.”

The new ads were filmed with actual California mothers, in accordance with CDPH’s strict public health guidelines for filming. To view the ads on YouTube, see links here for English and Spanish. The campaign website is For more tips about keeping yourself and your community safe, visit the COVID-19 web page at

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