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Long May It Wave! The Story of the American Flag Through Stamps.

June 14, 2000 –  Throwback to twenty-one years ago today.

The United States Postal Service pays tribute to our Old Glory flag as celebrating a Flag Day, with the issuance this sheet of the Stars and Stripes stamps on June 14, 2000 in Baltimore, Maryland.

This set of 20 stamps chronicles the development of the American flag from Colonial times to the present. Adopted on June 14, 1777, the birthday of the Francis Hopkinson flag is celebrated each year as Flag Day.

This was the first flag to feature both the stars and stripes in its design. Flags featured: Sons of Liberty Flag 1775, New England Flag 1775, Forster Flag 1775, Continental Colors 1776, Francis Hopkinson Flag 1777, Brandywine Flag 1777, John Paul Jones Flag 1779, Pierre L‘ Enfant Flag 1783, Indian Peace Flag 1803, Easton Flag 1814, Star-Spangled Banner 1814, Bennington Flag c. 1820, Great Star Flag 1837, 29-Star Flag 1847, Fort Sumter Flag 1861, Centennial Flag 1876 , 38-Star Flag 1877, Peace Flag 1891, 48-Star Flag 1912, 50-Star Flag 1960.


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