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Chinese medicine is the treasure of Chinese civilization and has made remarkable contributions to the reproduction and prosperity of the Chinese nation, and the concept of Chinese medicine has long been deeply integrated into the daily life of the Chinese people, emphasizing health maintenance and “treating the untreated” at the practical level. But at the same time, the inheritance and development of what, how to inherit and develop, how to carry forward the culture and industry of Chinese medicine these issues are also in front of the successor.

Recently, Zhongjing Wanxi Pharmaceutical Chairman Sun Feng said in an interview with Xinhua, facing the current new situation, Chinese medicine also needs to keep pace with the times, continuous innovation and integration of development, Chinese medicine practitioners to help promote the culture of Chinese medicine, and then become a participant in the revival of Chinese medicine, promoters, together to contribute to the realization of the goal of a healthy China.

Committed to “good medicinal materials” to ensure the quality of Chinese medicine from the root

The term “authentic herbs” is a professional term in traditional Chinese medicine, which refers to recognized high-quality herbs from specific production areas with a long history, suitable production areas, excellent varieties, abundant production, elaborate preparation and outstanding therapeutic effects. Henan is an important source of Taoist Cornus officinalis, Huaiyam, Huai Dihuang and other Chinese herbs due to its advantages in climate, soil and temperature. During his medical practice in Nanyang, Zhang Zhongjing, the sage of medicine, often went to Mount Funiu to collect herbs, leaving many interesting legends and stories in the hometown of the sage. There are more than 1,300 kinds of Chinese herbs growing in Fu Niu Mountain, which is known as a natural medicine storehouse, and it was called “the land of luxuriant forest and bamboo, and the township of tung lacquer and cornelian” in Song Dynasty.

Sun Feng said that the root of the quality of traditional Chinese medicine lies in the quality of the herbs, which is affected by multi-dimensional factors. First of all, the production area and growing environment of the herbs are the key factors affecting the quality of the product, that is, we often say “orange is orange if it is born in Huainan, but hedge thorn if it is born in Huainan”. This is the authenticity.

Second, planting methods affect the quality of medicinal herbs. Wild authentic Chinese herbs are becoming more and more scarce, facing a vicious cycle of “the less the more expensive, the more expensive the less, the less the harvesting”. If you don’t intervene and cultivate the environment for the cultivation of authentic herbs to a certain extent, Chinese herbs will face the dilemma of scarce resources. Sun Feng said, the current production of real wild herbs is very limited, can not meet the market demand, artificial planting can effectively alleviate the shortage of wild herbal resources, in the process of planting herbs, seedling germplasm, fertilization and irrigation, pest control and a series of methods can help us to enhance the production of herbs to meet market demand.

Third, the herbs harvesting warehouse storage is an important factor affecting the quality of medicinal herbs. Sun Feng introduced, the same production area of herbs, if the harvesting time, requirements are not appropriate, the quality of herbs also has a certain impact. In addition, storage is also a practical problem faced in the work process, only to achieve the standardized operation of the whole process from seedling, breeding, planting, harvesting processing, storage, etc., in order to ensure the quality of good herbs and improve the stability and uniformity of herb quality.

“We have implemented standardization of herbs cultivation, product quality, batch-to-batch consistency, and systematized these standards, as well as built a whole-process quality traceability system for traditional Chinese medicine through technological means.” Sun Feng said, in recent years, Zhongjing Wanxi strengthen cooperation with the Academy of Chinese Medicine and other scientific research units, with the help of scientific and technological empowerment, and constantly boost the transformation and upgrading of enterprises.

Tapping the power of classic prescriptions to promote Chinese medicine culture

Comprehensively promote the construction of a healthy China; deeply implement the Health China Action, improve the national health promotion policy; adhere to the equal importance of Chinese and Western medicine, vigorously develop the cause of Chinese medicine …… In the “14th Five-Year Plan”, the state has made new plans and deployments for the medical and health care in the next five years, among which, Chinese medicine, as the original science of the Chinese nation and the outstanding representative of Chinese excellent culture, has been given a new mission and development direction.

Located in the hometown of the Saint of Medicine, Zhongjing Wanxi Pharmaceuticals, has been to promote the “Zhongjing medicine culture” as a responsibility and mission. Sun Feng said, “inheritance of the essence of the righteous innovation” is to follow the law of development of traditional Chinese medicine, but also to adhere to the original intention.

In the face of the current new situation, Chinese medicine culture also needs to keep pace with the times, continuous innovation and development. To this end, Zhongjing Wanxi Pharmaceuticals has been persistent exploration and practice, based on the dissemination of Chinese medicine culture and practice, based on the construction and adherence to authentic medicinal materials, based on the standardization of production processes to promote. It can be said that the culture of Chinese medicine is deeply integrated into the corporate management and development layout of Zhongjing Wanxi.

In the fight against the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the efficacy of Chinese medicine, especially the classical prescriptions, has been widely recognized. Sun Feng believes that the traditional prescriptions have been practiced by generations of doctors to apply the exact efficacy, with a long and vivid vitality, is an important resource in the treasure house of traditional Chinese medicine in China, but in the process of inheritance at the same time there are problems such as generalization of efficacy and obscure explanation, which brings problems for the popularity of modern information-based social products.

In order to inject new momentum into the development of Chinese medicine heritage and innovation, in August this year, Zhongjing Wanxi Pharmaceutical officially launched the “three minutes to talk through the classics” strategic partner national tour project in Hainan, aiming to respect the history of the basis, in line with the reality of scientific dismantling of Chinese medicine prescriptions, digging deep into the core of classic Chinese medicine, restore the important connotations of classic Chinese medicine, combined with the health needs of modern users, to find the advantages of classic prescriptions and diseases, to give the correct drugs and accurate application of users in need, so that Chinese medicine to play the efficacy and value, which is also an effective heritage of Chinese medicine.

“On the basis of the new understanding of Chinese medicine in the whole society, taking ‘three minutes to talk through the classics’ as the entry point can help us to become a participant and promoter of Chinese medicine culture propaganda, Chinese medicine culture confidence and Chinese medicine culture revival.” Sun Fengji said.

Actively undertake social responsibility, service to the cause of national health

Sun Feng said, Zhongjing Wanxi in the development of Chinese medicine culture, improve the quality of Chinese herbal medicine at the same time, but also actively practice corporate social responsibility, committed to social welfare, and strive to create greater value for society.

In the fight against the new crown pneumonia epidemic, some classical formulas, especially the formula of lung detoxification soup, which integrates the innovative use of Zhongjing’s relevant scriptures, are widely used in clinical treatment and have achieved better results. With the formula granule production capacity of Zhongjing Wanxi Pharmaceutical, in the epidemic prevention and control has assumed an important task of supply. Sun Feng introduced, in the fight against the epidemic of the critical period, the enterprise one hand to grasp the epidemic, the other hand to grasp the production and operation, to fight the “anti-epidemic” “to ensure the effectiveness of” the two major battles. By mid-April, the company successfully completed more than 1.6 million servings of anti-Xin Guan No. 1, No. 2, No. 3, No. 4 and No. 5 formula granules, which were donated to Nanyang, Zhengzhou, Kaifeng, Sanmenxia and other places, contributing to winning the epidemic of Xin Guan pneumonia.

In winning the battle against poverty, Zhongjing Wanxi has implemented the four major poverty alleviation measures of industrial cooperation, base support, employment poverty alleviation and village support in accordance with the established implementation plan for precise poverty alleviation, so that the poverty alleviation policy has been radiated to households and income dividends have been implemented to people. Taking industrial cooperation as an example, Zhongjing Wanxi established the Xixia County Aynong Mushroom, Fruit and Medicine Professional Cooperative in 2017, and then, through conversion, supported 1154 households of 2,860 poor people in 16 townships across the county to independently develop mushroom, fruit and medicine industries by taking advantage of the county’s pillar industry development, driving large poor households to develop advantageous industries and realize industrial poverty alleviation.

“Fulfill the corporate responsibility, in order to show the corporate role.” Sun Feng said that in the future, Zhongjing Wanxi will continue to uphold the concept of inheritance, innovation, responsibility and integrity, drive the development of enterprises with the culture of Chinese medicine, adhere to the development of one hand, the other hand to fulfill social responsibility, to achieve mutual promotion and win-win, and promote the high-quality development of the cause of Chinese medicine and industry.

Article source: Xinhua


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