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「Global Entertainment」“Patio of Illusion” was Screened at the World Panorama Section(Non-Competitive) of the 52nd International Film Festival of India (IFFI)

From November 20th through November 28th the 52nd International Film Festival of India was held in Goa, India. The film festival concluded on November 28th, Indian time. In fierce competition alongside films from all over the world, “Patio of Illusion” by Chinese director Shangshi Chen, was officially screened virtually and theatrically in the World Panorama section of the film festival. The film was widely reported in the Indian media. During the screening of “Patio of Illusion”, K Prashant Kumar, deputy director of film programming at the International Film Festival of India, arrived to watch the film at the venue with the Indian representatives of the “Patio of Illusion” team,  Kishor Jawade and Pritam Sharma .

There are 15 international A-tier film festivals around the world, including the Venice International Film Festival, the Cannes International Film Festival and the Berlin International Film Festival. The International Film Festival of India was one of the first international A-tier film festivals in Asia. The main purpose of the film festival is to provide screening venues for the world’s best films, and also contribute to the cultural exchange of films internationally, encouraging cooperation and friendship of people from all over the world. Prior to this, award-winning Chinese language films at this film festival included “Blush” directed by Shaohong Li, “Postmen in the Mountains” starring Ye Liu and Hao Chen, and “Cannot Live Without You” directed by Leon Dai. Jacky Cheung also won Best Actor for his performance in “July Rhapsody”, becoming the first Hong Kong actor among Chinese film stars to win the title, Yihong Duan won Best Actor for “Drifters” and the director Wong Kar-Wai has also won the Lifetime Achievement Award at this international film festival.

Due to the pandemic, the team of “Patio of Illusion” attended its screening through Indian representatives Kishor Jawade and Pritam Sharma . Prior to this, “Patio of Illusion” has won 30 international awards and has had 16 nominations. Since landing in theaters in China on September 10th, 2021, “Patio of Illusion” has been launched on iQiyi, Youku, LETV and Migu, and induced by Tencent.  Shangshi Chen directed “Patio of Illusion”, provided with true-to-life character materials by Executive Producer Loi Man Keong, a script written by Mengmeng Chen, and in collaboration with U.S. producer and distribution executive Sunny Xiang.The film leads in the use of 8K full frame Ultra High-definition technology. Through a narrative that follows the life of Ho Yi-Cheung, a Macanese native, the film spans the past 20 years, showing the living conditions of several generations of Macanese people in a changing environment of Macau’s society and interprets how those people come to define “home”.

It is a captivating family drama that explores social and economic issues that arose for young Macanese during the 2000s. The film revolves around the story of Ho Yi Cheung, starring  Eugene Tang, a native of Macau. Director Shangshi Chen uses the delicate emotions of the characters to promote the growth of the characters with stacked “trivial matters’ ‘, which affects the destiny of the characters. Ho Yi Cheung played by Eugene Tang (who has appeared in the “Zhong An Xing Dong ” series and “Xiong Di Ban”). He describes the process from ideal to helpless pain to constant struggle to regain a new life. After losing himself and experiencing the twists and turns of life, he ultimately recalls his original intention and re-learns the definition of “home”: to reminisce the warm memories and comforting company provided by one’s family. This narrative perspective helps to fabricate characters that feel vivid and more genuine in the film.

“Patio of Illusion” is presented by Guangzhou 3C Toon co., produced and distributed by UTV Macau Media and Fusionart Pictures Inc. A realistic film with a heart-warming theme, “Patio of Illusion” illustrates the idea that no matter how far you go, you can always find “home”. It hopes to bring warmth and power to people who are still struggling to find directions in life.


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